Alaska’s Neon Underglow Laws

Alaska’s Code governs the use of neon underglow in the state. Regarding vehicle illumination, especially automobile underglow, all applicable laws, rules, and regulations exist in Alaska. Neon or LED lights that are commonly mounted beneath the chassis of any vehicle are called underglow lights, often referred to as ground effects lighting. It may be an automobile, a motorcycle, or even a truck. These aftermarket modification lights are a terrific way to give your vehicle a unique style while also assisting with visibility.

Everything you need to know about underglow lights in Alaska has been covered in this article. You should be aware of all rules and regulations and refrain from using any lighting that the state has banned.

Neon Underglow Light Laws in Alaska

Alaska’s Code, while does not prohibit the use of any aftermarket lighting on automobiles, including LED or neon underglow beneath the vehicle chassis, regulates the use of neon underglow.

The Alaska Code’s Section 13 AAC 04.145 specifies the guidelines for aftermarket modification lights, although it makes no mention of whether employing underglow lights is permitted. Keep in mind that there are a few limitations outlined in the law for different kinds of aftermarket light installations on automobiles.

Size and kind of light

In Alaska, there are no restrictions on the kind of underglow light that may be mounted on a vehicle. The size of the underglow lights that may be mounted on cars in Alaska is also not specified by the state’s code.

Allowable Colors

Underglow lights are permitted in the state as long as they are white, amber, or yellow. Only white underglow lights are permitted to be used on the front of the vehicle. Only red lights can be utilized at the back of the vehicle and amber underglow lights only on the sides.

Other hues are not allowed. The law makes it clear that you are not allowed to use blue lights on your car since only law enforcement and emergency personnel are allowed to use them. Additionally, there shouldn’t be any red lights visible at the front of the car. Only white light can be used to illuminate the vehicle’s license plate.

In Alaska, are Underglow Neon Lights Legal?

If you’re curious, underglow is accepted in Alaska. As we’ve already covered, Alaska doesn’t have any explicit rules that forbid or limit the mounting of underglow lights on automobiles. If the underglow lights are white, amber, or yellow, you can utilize them. Therefore, it follows that it is acceptable to use neon underglow lights when driving in the state.

Final words

Although the state permits the use of underglow lights, it forbids the use of flashing, rotating, or flashing lights since they are only permitted for use by emergency vehicles. Due to the possibility of fines, you must take care to avoid these lights.


Are neon underglow lights legal in Alaska?

Yes, neon underglow lights are legal in Alaska, but there are specific regulations you must follow. It’s crucial to ensure that your underglow lights comply with Alaska’s laws regarding colors and placement.

What colors are allowed for neon underglow lights in Alaska?

In Alaska, neon underglow lights are allowed in a variety of colors, including white, amber, green, red, and blue. However, it’s essential to avoid using flashing or moving lights, as they can be distracting and may not be compliant with state regulations.

Can I use neon underglow lights while driving on public roads in Alaska?

Yes, you can use neon underglow lights while driving in Alaska, but there are restrictions. They must not emit flashing or rotating lights while your vehicle is in motion, and they should not be visible from the front of the vehicle.

What are the penalties for violating Alaska’s neon underglow laws?

Answer: Violating Alaska’s neon underglow laws can result in fines and legal consequences. Penalties may vary depending on the violation, but it’s crucial to follow the regulations to avoid fines, potential equipment removal, or even misdemeanor charges. Always prioritize safe and responsible use of neon underglow lights on your vehicle in Alaska.

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