Mississippi Neon Underglow Laws (2024 update)

The world of automotive customization offers enthusiasts numerous ways to express their style and individuality, and one such avenue is neon underglow lighting. Neon underglow can transform your vehicle into a vibrant spectacle on wheels. However, to ensure your customization doesn’t land you in legal trouble, it’s essential to understand the specific regulations governing neon underglow in Mississippi. In this blog post, we’ll take a comprehensive look at Mississippi’s neon underglow laws, helping you navigate the rules and restrictions.

Is neon underglow legal in Mississippi?

Mississippi’s regulations do not impose restrictions on additional aftermarket vehicle lighting, including neon underglow. However, there are specific limitations on the colors that can be visible when the car is in motion. As a result, we can conclude that the use of neon underglow in Mississippi is not considered illegal.

Given that there are no explicit prohibitions, it is reasonable to consider neon car underglow as legally acceptable, subject to the following conditions:

  1. All lights that are visible from the front of the car must be either white or amber.
  2. Lights visible from the side of the car should be amber.
  3. Lights visible from the back of the car must be red.
  4. License plate illumination should be white.
  5. The use of flashing lights is not permitted.

Importantly, there are no pertinent Mississippi state laws that restrict or prohibit the installation of underbody lights, making them legally permissible for use when the vehicle is not on a public road.

Mississippi Underglow Car lighting laws

Here are the pertinent excerpts from the Mississippi Vehicle Code that outline regulations pertaining to the installation of specific aftermarket lights on vehicles.

§ 63-7-20 – Use of blue and red lights and alternating flashing headlights

(1) It is unlawful for any person, other than a law enforcement officer on duty, to use or display blue lights on a motor vehicle as provided for in Section 63-7-19. (2) It is unlawful for any person to use or display red lights on a motor vehicle except as provided for in Section 63-7-19. It is not unlawful for the red lights authorized for private or department-owned vehicles used by firemen of volunteer fire departments, as provided in Section 63-7-19, to remain mounted on such vehicles when the lights are not in use. (3) It is unlawful for any vehicle to use alternating flashing headlights except an emergency vehicle as provided in Section 63-7-19. (4) A person violating this section is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, shall be punished by a fine of not less than Fifty Dollars ($ 50.00) nor more than Five Hundred Dollars ($ 500.00).

§ 63-7-23 – Color of lighting devices

(1) The color of lighting devices shall be as follows: (a) All front clearance lamps, and all side marker lamps, except the one on each side at or near the rear of any bus, truck, truck tractor, semitrailer, full trailer or pole trailer, shall when lighted display an amber color. (b) No red lighting device of any character shall be mounted at any place other than on or near the rear of any bus, truck, truck tractor, semitrailer, full trailer or pole trailer. […] (c) All rear clearance lamps, the side marker lamps on each side at or near the rear, and any other lamps mounted on the rear, on any bus, truck, truck tractor, semitrailer, full trailer or pole trailer shall when lighted display a red color. However, the stoplight or other warning device on the rear of any motor vehicle may be red or amber. (d) Backing lights of any color may be mounted on the rear of any motor vehicle if the switch controlling such lights be so arranged that they may be turned on only when the vehicle is in reverse gear. Such backing lights when unlighted shall be so colored or otherwise arranged as not to reflect objectionable glare in the eyes of drivers of vehicles approaching from the rear. (2) Auxiliary white lights mounted on or near the rear of a motor vehicle, or visible from the rear of the vehicle, shall not be prohibited under the provisions of this section if (a) the vehicle’s gross weight is less than twelve thousand one (12,001) pounds, and (b) the lights are designed by the motor vehicle manufacturer or an after-market parts manufacturer so that they may only be illuminated whenever the vehicle is not in motion and the transmission of the vehicle is not capable of transmitting power to the wheels. (3) No provision of this section shall be so construed as to prohibit the use of any white light or lights for the purpose of illuminating license plates. (4) Any lamps illuminated when the vehicle is in motion, other than those expressly required or permitted by the provisions of this chapter, shall, if visible from the front, display a white or amber light; if visible from either side, display an amber light; and if visible from the rear, display a red light.

Neon Underglow Laws in Mississippi

Mississippi generally allows the use of neon underglow lighting on vehicles. This means that you have the freedom to enhance your vehicle’s aesthetics with neon lights, but there are certain guidelines you must adhere to in order to stay on the right side of the law.

Key Regulations to Follow

  1. Color Restrictions: In Mississippi, the law generally permits neon underglow lights of various colors. However, there’s a crucial restriction to keep in mind: avoid using red or blue neon lights on your vehicle. Red and blue lights are typically associated with emergency vehicles, and their use on civilian vehicles can lead to confusion and legal consequences. So, when selecting your neon underglow colors, choose from the wide array of available options, excluding red and blue.
  2. Placement of Lights: While Mississippi’s law doesn’t specify the exact placement of neon underglow lights, it’s essential to ensure that these lights do not obstruct your license plate or any required safety lighting on your vehicle. Be mindful of where you install the lights to maintain compliance.
  3. Flashing Lights: Flashing neon lights are generally prohibited. Mississippi prefers continuous, solid illumination. Flashing lights can be distracting and pose safety risks on the road, making their use undesirable.
  4. Nighttime Use: Neon underglow lights should be primarily used during nighttime hours or in low-visibility conditions. Overly bright neon lights during the daytime can be distracting to other drivers, and it’s generally advised to use them with discretion.

Penalties for Violations

Failure to adhere to the regulations regarding neon underglow in Mississippi can result in legal consequences. Violations may lead to fines and other penalties, so it’s crucial to stay informed and comply with these laws to avoid legal issues.

Noncompliance with vehicle lighting regulations constitutes a misdemeanor under section 63-3-7. The use of blue or red lights can result in fines ranging from $50 to $500.

In Summary

Neon underglow lighting is a popular and creative way for vehicle enthusiasts to add a unique touch to their cars in Mississippi. While the state permits the use of these lights, it’s vital to follow the rules. By adhering to the regulations concerning color, placement, and use of neon underglow lights, you can enjoy this eye-catching modification without running afoul of the law. Understanding and abiding by these laws ensures both compliance and road safety.

The world of neon underglow customization allows car enthusiasts in Mississippi to transform their vehicles into glowing works of art. By familiarizing yourself with the state’s neon underglow laws and following them diligently, you can cruise the Mississippi roads in style, free from any legal concerns. Neon underglow can be a true head-turner, as long as it’s paired with knowledge and responsibility on the road.

Are Underglow Lights Legal in Mississippi?

In Mississippi, underglow lights are generally legal, but there are specific regulations that must be followed to ensure compliance with the law.

When Is It Legal to Use Underglow Lights in Mississippi State?

Underglow lights in Mississippi can be used legally when they adhere to the state’s regulations. They should not display the colors red or blue, should not flash, should not obstruct essential vehicle lighting or license plates, and are generally intended for nighttime use or low-visibility conditions.

When Is It Illegal to Use Underglow Lights In Mississippi?

It is illegal to use underglow lights in Mississippi if they violate the state’s regulations. This includes using red or blue colors, using flashing lights, obstructing required vehicle lighting, or using them excessively during daytime hours.

Is It Illegal to Install Underglow Lights In Mississippi?

Installing underglow lights in Mississippi is not inherently illegal as long as the installation and use follow the state’s regulations. Ensure that the colors, placement, and use of these lights comply with the law.

What Mississippi Vehicle & Traffic Law Restricts Use of Lights On Motorcycles?

Mississippi’s Vehicle and Traffic Laws apply to motorcycles, and the same regulations regarding underglow lights that apply to cars are generally applicable to motorcycles. The color restrictions, flashing lights prohibition, and other rules should be observed.

Are Multicolored Underglow Lights Illegal in Mississippi?

Multicolored underglow lights are not illegal in Mississippi as long as they do not include red or blue colors, adhere to placement and use regulations, and do not flash.

Mississippi Traffic Ticket/Summons for Under Glow Lights on a Motorcycle

Using underglow lights on a motorcycle that violate Mississippi’s regulations could result in a traffic ticket or summons, leading to fines or other penalties.

Are Underglow Lights Legal While Parked in Mississippi?

Using underglow lights while parked is generally legal in Mississippi as long as they do not violate the regulations. However, it’s still advisable to use them in a responsible and non-disruptive manner, especially during nighttime hours.

Are Motorcycle Wheel Lights Legal in Mississippi?

The legality of motorcycle wheel lights in Mississippi is subject to the same regulations as other underglow lights. They should not violate color restrictions, flash, obstruct essential lighting, or be used excessively during the daytime.

Is the Law for Underglow Lights the Same for Cars and Motorcycles in Mississippi?

In Mississippi, the regulations for underglow lights apply to both cars and motorcycles. The same rules regarding colors, flashing lights, placement, and usage are generally applicable to all motor vehicles. However, it’s essential to check for any updates or specific provisions in the law that may differ for motorcycles.

Mississippi Underglow law references:

Mississippi Statutes, Title 63: Motor Vehicles and Traffic Regulations, Chapter 7: Equipment and Identification, General Provisions

Mississippi Code section § 63-7-23 – Color of lighting devices

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